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What I do for work

- Web Developer

- Graphic Design

- Photography
Get with my brother, he's really Pro 

Do Not Forget

- Exercise
- Count my blessings
- Family time


Private client projects

Google API

Professional Lab

*For Hire:

I have over 12 years experience managing various internet technology projects. Projects include: business, political, private, and complex custom web applications. Send me an email with the deatils on your needs. I work closely with a select team of other developers to handle custom long-term web projects.


Adobe CC trapped: utilizing PS and IL for work since 2002.
The web took me hostage in 2003.
A steady addiction to internet technology and everything the web.
I find something interesting, and I dive right-in.

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Web Apps

( by Paul Wong )

Personal Lab

What it is for: So my family can have a unified shopping list, to-do list, want list, birthday list, Xmas list, etc.
What it does:
- Users can sign-up.
- Create lists aka tabs.
- List data update in realtime, no refresh, across all devices.
- Hot buttons for those most entered items.
- List names, list icons, list items, hot buttons are all editable by you.
- 100% Free.
- No 3rd party adverts.

- You supply the data, HTML/CSS+Bootstrap & Fontawesome for styling.
- Front: AngularJS 1.x Back: Firebase.
- Server: Linux
See the current site

What it does:
- Users can sign-up.
- Search by channel or author name, add channels to favorites, remove channels from favorites, profile settings with parental security.
- New video content updates by the author update in realtime, no refresh.
- 100% Free.
- No 3rd party adverts.
- Separate yourself from all the YouTube distractions.

- YouTube API for data, HTML/CSS+Bootstrap & Fontawesome for styling.
- Front: AngularJS 1.x Back: Meteor+MongoDB.
- Server Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit Nginx
See the current site, see the archive site Old McTuber.

What it does:
- Access iCloud API for iPhone data
  (ID, name, displayName, location, class, model, modelDisplayName, batteryLevel, batteryStatus).
- Display GPS long/lat cords and interactive Google Map location of iPhone.
- Send a unmutable mobile alert with custom message to iPhone.
- Choose GPS locate only or GPS locate + unmutable Alert Message.

- iCloud API, PHP, Bootstrap & Fontawesome for styling.
- Interestingly if you have a working iPhone with cell service and a iTunes/iCloud account there is
  NO rate limit, or I can't find anything saying there is one, so it's 100% free.